Fully claim your incarnate power as a being on this earth, your core strengths, your key opportunities for growth, and design a way to navigate every situation by bringing your power forward.

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If you answered “no” to any of these questions,
then NOW is your chance to re-write your story and destiny.

Course Description

The goal for the first JOURNEY of our Pono Quest is to identify or reaffirm your core purpose, personal values, and individual strengths and weaknesses. Each lesson contains an instructional video by Dusty Staub along with a variety of worksheets, exercises, assessments, and guided visualizations. Participants will have access to our private Facebook group and bi-weekly virtual meeting so they can share their experiences, ask questions, and interact directly with our Pono Coaches and Dusty. The course content will be presented over a 4 week period. However, the application, practice, and refinement of the material will be a long term endeavor so you will have access to the course material and private group for a minimum of 1 year.

Course Outline

Week 1 – Claiming Your Core Purpose and Values
Week 2 – Being Aware of Your Inner Genius…Your Superpower!
Week 3– Leveraging Your Strengths and Identifying Your Blindspots
Week 4 – Assessing Your Acts of Courage (Courage Quotient Index (CQI)  Assessment)

About the "Kumu" - Teacher

Dusty Staub

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  • Staub Leadership International
  • CEO/Senior Consultant
  • Author

In developing the “Journeys” for our Pono Quest platform, we were fortunate to collaborate with someone who not only has decades of personal, practical, clinical, and academic experience, but we found someone who embodies the spirit of Aloha and Pono. 

Robert “Dusty” Staub has worked for over 30 years with executives, families, and communities as well as with private and public companies. He has trained and coached executives and teams in creating high performance outcomes. Dusty has been a pioneer in the process of creating systemic accountability by aligning leadership and group behaviors with strategy to produce bottom-line results. 

Dusty’s comfortable, non-threatening, and non-judgmental approach to coaching creates an environment for free and open exploration which results in greater understanding, acceptance, and lasting results.

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"Staub Leadership International provided me with practical skills, insights and solutions for my job and personal relationships that encourage me to pursue living and working on a higher standard I didn't know was possible."

Brian Kursonis
Operations Director, General Mills

"Dusty Staub is a caring professional with complete integrity and dedication to his craft."

Michael J. Rowny
Chairman, Rowny Capital

"Our team-building sessions have helped us understand our purpose, vision and needs, to act courageously and be more effective leaders."

Frank Macia
CEO, United Healthcare

"The best training experience I have ever had...Absolutely great!"

Michael Bloomfield
Executive VP, Quebecor World

"This was the most efficient path to self-evaluation I have ever experienced."

Laurie McNichol
Director Practice & Quality – Advanced HomeCare Healthcare

"The course content is very enlightening and empowering for both your professional and personal life."

Shelia Howell
Resource Manager, The Bama Companies, Inc.

"...your is the only one [program] that I know of that is a deeply human experience; one that is continuously concerned with developing its participants in ways that are both personally and professionally relevant."

Brand Manager
Diet Coke, Coca-Cola, USA

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