Identify The Purpose of Your Course

Identifying exactly why you are creating your course is critical in determining the strategies and tactics to use when designing your marketing plan. Although there may be many specific reasons why you want to create a course, the two you should consider are:  1) To maximize rapid generation of revenue and 2) To share my passion, skills, knowledge, and experience with the world. Both reasons are completely reasonable and not necessarily mutually exclusive. However, understanding your “why” and your ultimate goal will help you make congruent choices and decisions about whether or not your course will achieve the desired results and how you’re going to do it. 

OPTION #1 – Not interested in the money. I just want to share my passion, skills, knowledge, and experience

OPTION #2 – I want to generate and maximize my income as quickly as possible. I’m not concerned with the course content as long as it is quality.

OPTION #3 – I want both