The Courage to Dream and put forth that Dream

     The courage to dream and put forth that dream is essential if you are to claim the power to create your life and bring out the best in yourself and others.  It is the first act of courage because it provides a context for all the others.  It allows you to orient yourself at any time and in any place based on a consistent vision that forms the inner core of your amazing strength.  This act allows you to pursue what you most desire, pulling you toward a more powerful sense of self and self-worth.

     This act of courage requires simply that you claim all you aspire to be.  What is your dream, your deepest desire?  What do You hold most dear?  What would you bring to life if you could?  What is the “song of glory”?  Remember if you can, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech.  Dr. King developed and refined his dream over many years and gave voice to his “song of glory” – his dream of a nation undivided by prejudice and hatred.  many listened and took courageous steps toward greater racial equality and harmony as a result.  But the song is not finished and did not die with him.  The song lives on, touching and inspiring others with it’s power and affirmation.  People continue to sing that song of freedom and equality.  His courage to dream and put forth that dream has been a great gift for all of us.  -Dusty Staub from The 7 Acts of Courage.

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