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Course Description

The goal for the first JOURNEY of our Pono Quest is to identify or reaffirm your core purpose, personal values, and individual strengths and weaknesses. Each lesson contains an instructional video by Dusty Staub along with a variety of worksheets, exercises, assessments, and guided visualizations. Participants will have access to our private Facebook group and bi-weekly virtual meeting so they can share their experiences, ask questions, and interact directly with our Pono Coaches and Dusty. The course content will be presented over a 4 week period. However, the application, practice, and refinement of the material will be a long term endeavor so you will have access to the course material and private group for a minimum of 1 year.

Course Outline

Your purpose is to realise that you are your purpose. Your purpose is to fully accept and embrace all that you are and that which you are born to be. In week 1 you will find out why this is the ultimate truth and how by understanding this concept will change your life forever.


An empath is someone who has the superhuman ability to intuit into a situation, conversation, and circumstance. In this week we delve into intuition and understand through basic quantum principles how your ability to ‘feel’ into situations and circumstances in your life will arrive you to the awareness that you are in fact the universe.

How do you tell the truth from a lie? This week we learn about discernment and how by being able to read into circumstances in your life with clarity, empowers you to make higher quality choices and create the life that you truly deserve.

In our final week, we traverse the unknown territory of consciousness. Trusting in something that you cannot see and embracing change. This is the law of the universe. Faith aligns your vibration to the universe and opens up gateways for you to manifest and create anything you desire for your life.


“Philip. You are so wise brother. A true modern sage. Your presence in this group is inspiring and your words powerful. You are the true definition of being your own modality. You have been so consistent I see how much you want to affect the world in a big way and from my point of view you already are. Thank you for being here.”

Brandon Bozarth
Facilitator of Miracles, Founder of The 13

“A heart centred master of connecting with the energy and soul of people. Philip helped illuminate areas in my life which were blocking my fll view hence limiting me and from there I was able to accept, choose and move forward through the resistance to see objectively with awareness. I believe Philip has centuries of wisdom stroed in his heart and connecting with him has transformed some of my most intimate relationships – a true modern day sage walking our earth. His gentle and genuine approach will heal, guide, and transform lives with each interaction he encounters.” Thank you Philip for being the light when I required it.

Cliona O Hanlon
Intuitive Coach, Transformation Facilitator

"I had the opportunity to connect with Philip who is an amazing soul and can connect in the highest pure energy with people around. He has a magical transformational story and he used all his learning to spiritually grow and connect to the deep layers of consciousness and expand it to the universal consciousness. In my experience with him I witnessed his ability to also give this to others and help people connect with the sacred energy when they are in need.

Dr. Nasrin Parsian
Wellness Consultant