Guided Journeys Towards Personal & Professional Mastery

What is PONO?

PONO is not a destination or some mythical path to enlightenment. It’s a mindset, a way of living, loving, and working. PONO comes from a Hawaiian term that is taught to kids at a very early age. It is a foundational value for cultivating the “Aloha Spirit.” If you’ve ever been to Hawaii and experienced the people and the culture, then you’ve probably experienced or felt the unique sense of appreciation and respect they show for each other, the land, and their surroundings. 

What is a PONO QUEST?

Initially, Pono Quest began with three simple but impactful “journeys” or courses: THE JOURNEY TO PERSONAL POWER, THE JOURNEY TO VISION, and THE JOURNEY TO FULFILLMENT. These courses were designed by our “Kumu,” Dusty Staub, based on his 40+ years of experience as a clinical psychologist, family therapist, author, and CEO of Staub Leadership International where he continues to coach Fortune 50 companies on his concepts of Whole-Hearted leadership. You can learn more about Dusty and Staub Leadership International HERE.

The concept behind our Pono Quest journeys is about moving beyond the pain of self-limiting beliefs and old patterns of thinking into a more loving, powerful, and effective way of being. The “quest” then becomes the education, planning, and daily training that ultimately transforms your life into the one YOU truly want to live. 

Who is this for?

  • INDIVIDUALS who want more personal power and effectiveness in their lives.
  • ENTREPRENEURS who want to build or grow their business.
  • LEADERS of teams, companies, and organizations who want to create more effective communications and a high performance culture.
  • SPOUSES / LIFE PARTNERS desiring healthier communications and more loving relationships.
  • PARENTS that want to give their kids an early start towards creating a healthy, stable, and “balanced” way of thinking and being in the world.
  • PERSONAL & BUSINESS SUCCESS COACHES who want to share their knowledge and experience with others while building a profitable and ethical business…PONO STYLE!

The Pono Quest Journeys


The ability to be successful and fully experience your quest greatly depends on the tools and equipment you bring along with you. Your first journey will help you identify the personal values that will keep you pointed in the right direction. You will learn guiding principles that will help you make appropriate choices as you encounter obstacles.

Journey to VISION

Journey to Vision is about you developing and claiming the potent skill set of  engaging Conscious INTENT to shape your life with greater clarity, fulfillment and grace.  If you have claimed your personal power, then you can set a worthy and effective vision.  Without the grounding of a live purpose and clear values  many so-called visions are either off target (not truly satisfying) or do not produce the results desired.  This process is about you shaping the life and work that is most fulfilling for you.


Journey to fulfillment is about how to savor and appreciate each step on the pathway of your life.  It is realizing and engaging the vast awareness and power of your authentic, whole being.  The process is one of enjoying and celebrating your life NOW, without any pre-conditions or requirements to perform or achieve.  Paradoxically, as you do this, you will be able to perceive more, make even better choices and activate vision realization with less effort and greater joy.  


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